This Weeks Box 4/14/2012

Here is the list for this week
ripe haas avocados
hard fuerte avocados
spring salad mix
young romain hearts
small bunch of baby beets
young sweet baby carrots
“new” white potatoes
bag of braising greens
fava beans
greenhouse cucumbers
gold nugget tangerines
monster spring onion
spanish zucchini
This is the last week for Fava Beans for a while. So probably that makes half of you all real sad and the other real happy. In my experience, Fava Beans are one of those foods that seem to require the taking of sides!!
The spring salad mix is new. It has a little bit of arugula mixed in. Basically, I mix about 5 varieties of salad greens and some Arugula, broadcast the seeds in a long strip and then harvest with scissors when young. 
These baby beets can be sauteed or lightly steamed, drizzled with oil, sprinkled with herb and grilled for a few minutes. The little bunch will make two servings. They will go well on a bed of grain too.
New potatoes are the first young potatoes pulled off a thriving new potato plant in spring. They are also called spring potatoes. They are small compact and creamier.
Roasted New Potatoes 
New Potato Recipe
Here is an idea for the almost over ripe Haas avocados in the box this week. Please don’t ask how we ended up with 40 lbs of ripe Haas avocados this early in the season. 
Lettuce Guacamole Wraps!
As soon as you get home with you Blue Sky Ranch Booty. make some guac, clean all the random olives, cheese random veggies etc out of the fridge and shove it in some romaine for a Saturday afternoon snack. 
The Haas avocados should definitely go into the fridge if they are not going to be used in a day or two.

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