This Weeks Box 11/26/2011

I stopped by our neighbor farm in Ramona yesterday to trade for some hard squash and I had a chance to meet Pixi. Wow! Seriously, cows are pretty cute.
sweet young baby broccoli
fuyu persimmons 
salad mix
red potatoes
green onions
sweet peppers
hachia persimmons
meyer lemons
blue hubbard or spaghetti squash
brown bag of avocados
Hi everyone. I wanted to remind you all to send in recipes that you have used for your CSA meals. I will post them.
The baby broccoli is real young and tender, so you should be able to cook up the leaves and shoots too with no problem. 
A real good salad to try with the fuyu persimmons is with a few persimmons chopped up, some coconut, almond, lemon juice, olive or coconut oil and mint. 
I usually bake a thing or two with the hachia’s but 90% of the hachia’s I eat end up in a smoothy. You can just wait until they are translucent and have the consistency of a water balloon before adding the to some yogurt, smoothy or granola. I find it easiest to snip off the tip and squeeze the good stuff out.
Potatoes, peppers and green onions make a pretty awesome breakfast with eggs!?
About meyers lemons. If you have not had these, try peeling one and just eating it like a fruit. They are called the eating lemon because they are a Lisbon Lemon crossed with a mandarine. 
The avocados are mostly small mexicola’s in the bag. They are small but full of flavor and worth the effort I think. 
The spaghttti squash is the round oval yellow thing. An easiest way to cook these is to slice them in half, scoop out the seeds, dispose and place both sides face down on a cookie sheet and cook at 350 for about 40 minutes or until you can easily puncture the skin with a fork. At this point, you can scoop out the insides and they come out like strands of spaghetti. Now you can season with butter, pesto sauce, marinara and cheese, just about anything. 
If you got a blue hubbard, these are to be cooked just like a butternut.
Coming Soon
Awesome Tangerines!

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