This Weeks Box 7/30/2011

Soon to be “Golden Gods”

Have you ever just stared at a plant? Have you ever had a plant stare at you?!
Sunflowers seem to have an eerie humanness quality to them. It is really something to pay attention to them throughout the day. It’s possible to tell what time it is by looking at them as their heads basically spend the whole day slowly following the sun. It is a tough job but someone’s got to do it.

This is little Chacal. He is actually, development wise, like a teenager now.
He has been off the bottle now for over a month. He eats a lot. He sleeps most of the day and is kind of rambunctious. He still likes my company but he is a bit rebellious and likes his space. Yep, kind of like a teenager.

Here is what is in the box this week

red potatoes
baby beets
red cabbage
dinosaur kale
handful of small tomatoes
summer squash
valencia oranges

Squash Potato Tacos

So this week, I think I have had tacos about 9 times. Almost all vegetarian. But sometimes with chicken and once with egg for breakfast. This weeks entire box, aside from the fruit and probably the cucumber could all be chopped up, sauteed and rolled into a corn tortilla!

Here is one recipe for zucchini potato tacos

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