This Weeks Box 5/28/2011

Apricots are almost here!!
Then Peaches
Then Plums

Here is what is in the box this week

creamy red potatoes
fresh oregano
sweet valencia oranges
baby persian cucumbers
young mexican squash
handful of baby eggplant
bag of tender salad spring mix
bag of collards and dinosaur kale
a few small haas avocados
handful of spinach

Chinese Sesame Kale by Allyson 5-7 11

Minced garlic

Kale, torn into bite sized pieces

2 tsp sesame seed oil

2 Tbs water

1 tsp soy sauce

Toasted sesame seeds

Heat sesame seed oil over medium-low heat. Add garlic and sauté for 30 seconds. Add kale and
water and cover for one minute. Stir kale and cover for an addition minute or two. When kale
looks wilted add in soy sauce and sesame seeds.

Spicy Eggplant by Allyson 5-7-2011

Vegetable oil

Red pepper flakes or Sriracha sauce

Baby eggplant cut into chunks

Chopped onion

Chopped garlic

3 Tbs rice vinegar

2 Tbs brown sugar

3 Tbs soy sauce

Veggies, cubed tofu or shrimp go well as add-ins too (*freezing cubed tofu for 24 hours before
using gives it a more meaty and chewy texture that goes well with the softer eggplant)

Heat oil in wok and add in red pepper flakes (if using Sriacha sauce add-after tossing in
eggplant). Add eggplant and stir for a few minutes. Add in onion, garlic and any other veggies
and stir fry for a few minutes more. Add in rice vinegar and soy sauce, stir, and then add in
brown sugar and toss ingredients for a minute. If you want thicker sauce add in a cornstarch/
water mix.

Here is a few different recipes for kale “including” crunchy kale chips. Also, she says that chips can be made from spinach and collards!!

Kale recipes

i just wanted to show this image of a baked spaghetti squash that was sent to me by a Blue Sky Ranch CSA member. Looks Awesome. She included the recipe so I will be sure to post the recipe before we have spaghetti squash again.

Thanks everyone

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