This Weeks Box 4/30/2011


salad mix
bunch of young tender chard
fuerte avocado
“Slow Food Article About Fuerte”
baby eggplant and persian cucumbers from hot house in Ramona
baby bok choy
mandarin oranges
pink lemons

Strawberry Cabbage Lettuce

This image might look like one big head of lettuce. It is actually hundreds of tiny young heads about the size of a few ribbons each. They are densely packed together in a row, in order to protect each other from the sun and stay moist and tender until picked. Harvesting this lettuce is more like giving a hair cut!

Rainbow Chard

This weeks chard is super young and tender. I did not use to eat greens unless they were cooked or smothered in dressing. It took a bit of coaching and training to start to learn to enjoy the real flavor of raw undressed greens. It is best to learn on young fresh ones like these. If you do not usually eat greens raw, you might just try one leave to see how it tastes. To me, young chard usually tastes like citrus nuts and spinach all in one

I just wanted to share this Blog with anyone who is interested. It is called:

” What I did with my box”

It is a cool blog about how this woman has worked with her CSA box every week.
Also she has a listing on her front page of about 10 other blogs like hers.

list of kohlrabbi recipes

Kohlrabbi can most easily be used by steaming, chopping and adding to a salad cold.

Avocado Arugula Mandarin Kholrabbi Salad Recipe

2 mandarin oranges
couple handfuls of arugula
2 or three kohlrabbi
handful of lettuce greens

Steam kohlrabbi until flesh can be penetrated with a fork, remove skin and cube and put in frige to cool. Halve and cut avocados into pieces. peal and segment mandarins.
Add mandarins and avocado pieces and kohlrabbi to a bowl of arugula and lettuce greens. Dress with vinaigrette. Add nuts and feta cheese if available.

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