Farm News 5/21/2010

                                                                                Image from last summer

Greetings everyone. Things are speeding up a bit here at the ranch. They always do about this time a year.  The Markets are getting busier. It seems like more and more people are deciding to see for themselves what this local food thing is all about. Days are getting longer and warmer.  The summer plantings in ground are getting over their early spring shyness and really beginning to put on some mass as a result of the constant warming of the soil over the last few weeks. We are already staking some of the tomatoes. This is generally a task for the middle of June. Peppers, cucumbers, squash and melons are all begging to to be let out of the greenhouse. They will be ok until next week though. Right now I am busy helping Doug cover the Peaches, Plums and apricots with bird netting. It is amazing how much damage one Blue Jay can do. Looks like this year we might be keeping most of our stone fruit. Keep your fingers crossed.

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