All About Worm Castings

Here at the ranch, our red worms have become the superstars of the gardens and orchards. Commonly referred to as “natures plow” our worms work around the clock turning any organic matter we can find into a potent, well balanced, nutrient rich fertilizer for all of our plants and trees. There are hundreds of websites with volumes of scientific data available on the benefits of worm castings but in the last few years I have had the privilege of experiencing the benefits for myself.
Here are some of the benefits I have experienced

Healthier, bigger plants

Greener foliage

More, larger, better tasting fruit and vegetables

Faster seed germination 

Minimal pest problems

Better water retention

No need for chemicals

Fixes PH issues

Safe, non toxic, easy to use “does not burn plants”

Less expensive than chemical fertilizer

I have worked with these worms for a few years now and if I had to use one sentence to describe their value I would say, “worms and their castings return health, vitality and balance to whatever plants and soil they come in contact with.
How to use worm castings

Whether you are making a seed germination mix or amending a new garden bed, making a potted plant mix or creating a tea for liquid fertilizer, 15-20% castings is a good rule of thumb. You can use more and it definitely will not hurt anything, but 15-20% generally allows for maximum benefit of the worm castings. Castings can also be used to line the holes of new plantings or used as a side dressing for established plants such as roses and trees. One cup of castings per rose bush is sufficient. Apply one cup “around the drip line” per inch of trunk on established trees.
Here are the prices for our worm castings

5 lb bag / $5.00

10 lb bag / $9.00

40 lb bag/ $28.00 

1 cubic yard “truckload” /  $200.00 

How to order

contact me at 619-715-7143
fill out the order form below 

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